Monday, October 31, 2011

Practicing Reciprocity

We've been using LinkedIn for years, since it presents a professional marketing platform. Recently, my wife has been reaching out a little more to professionals in related fields to our EZ Slide Cabinet Hardware.

In one instance, she reached out to LinkedIn groups, such as Woman Owned Businesses, or National Fastener Organizations. With a few clicks of a button, she met Chris McClimon through LinkedIn, who was very gracious and offered to do free PR for the slide on cabinet handles she manufactures. Casandra, my wife, was so pleased to see how Chris was able within a day to add a very nice press release to the electronic catalog that he is associated with.

It is refreshing to meet people in our business world who believe in giving first. We are looking for a way to give back. Casandra offered to tell Chris' supervisor about his generosity,but Chris replied, I am the supervisor. He didn't report to anyone. But at least he knew he was appreciated.

Excitement is produced when the EZ Slide Cabinet Hardware shows up in hardware stores in the Northwest, and now in a catalog that is available online for the whole country. The No Drill Cabinet Hardware is of interest to people who want products made in the USA! The aluminum handles, made with recycled aluminum are made in the USA.

We are looking for ways to practice reciprocity! Let us know what your needs are. We'd love to be in a position to help you. Please come and find us on

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Use Your Fan Page

We have found a fast and effective way to build and create a Facebook Fan Page. provides Fan Page templates that are easy to use to get you started. 
There is good reason to get a Fan Page or sometimes called a Facebook business page. 
For one, your Facebook page can be indexed faster on Google and other search engines. It’s great to link your business site(s) to your Facebook business page to generate more traffic. A Fan Page is one of the greatest word of social contact in advertising on Facebook. Facebook business page is a great place to interact with fellow professionals and potential clients without having to use your personal Facebook profile.
Here is some advise before you choose any name, think of a top keyword search term that your potential customer would look for in search engines. For example we offer kitchen cabinet hardware, cabinet handles and home decor. We feature the Cupboard Hugger EZ Slide on cabinet handle so we use the title EZ Slide Cabinet Hardware so customers can search Facebook just like other search engines. This form of advertising is in addition to and also points customers to our main website These methods are the backbone of social marketing.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tune up your business website.

Wow! We can upon two great tools you may want to have on your website. The first one is a new versatile tool bar that feature a Google search, Radio, Skype. It adds a security upgrade for your site. This tool bar is free to download at . The second tool is for those that sell their item on line it is free Chat software where you speak online with your customer. You can capture data about your customer such location what pages view plus other data. You can download this free from this feature software will improve your customer service and learn more about your target market. We like the services so far on our site
If you go to our site you will see the chat service available and what it looks like. EZ Slide Cabinet Hardware is a growing home business that provides Cabinet Handles plus many home accessories.
Our featured product is the Cupboard Hugger slide on cabinet handle that requires no drilling to install.
Cupboard Huggers are made from durable recycled plastics. The other slide on handles we provide are manufactured from recycled aluminum which installs in seconds. Saves time, money and stress.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Home values and your kitchen

With home values leveling off. If you can not sell your home what can you do with what you have?
One way to increase the value of your home is to take a good look at your kitchen.
Maybe the appliances are antiquated that will be the bigger cash items. But colors in the kitchen could be refreshed. Counter tops and flooring might need to be renewed.
Kitchen cabinets could be refinished. Maybe the sink and the faucet need to be replaced. And don't forget the cabinet handles could add more decor. All the mentioned items are a do it yourself job if you are a little handy and venturesome.
Now where do we begin? You can start looking for ideas right at home. Log on to and the accessories tab has a great selection of item to choose from.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Boost your media presence

Just attended a seminar on social media. Three must haves; Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. First, however get 25 friends on Facebook. Then build a Fan page and use it as the Landing page for your business. This will help drive sales and build a professional social vehicle.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Branding Your Product

After R & D of your product, branding of your product is the next most important step you need to make. The time and energy you invest in this effort will determine how well your product will be received and perceived by your customers.
The first time you present anything on the web or on printed material, it starts your copyright. Don’t invest in a copyright license yet.

Focus your intellectual energy on presentation of your product, logo, packaging, trade mark symbol, color and perhaps a slogan. All of these will take some time to coordinate however, the sooner you have it all down, your product will have customer appeal and then leave your decision to grow and develop as you focus on your target market.

We made it fun to makeup our own product branding. Coming up with different ideas and truly deciding on what our gut feeling is to reach our goals.
It is kind of like a new born baby, you may know the sex but what will the color of the eyes and hair be, what will its little face be like and you need to give it a name. This is important stuff, but have fun; it’s going to grow and let’s get it right.

Our website is a work in progress but keep true to your marketing strategy and branding and always think in terms of enhancing your branding.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Managing Your Business While On Vacation

When it is time to take a vacation, how does one enjoy that time, while still managing their business? To fully benefit from the time away, only when necessary check in with the business operations. However, a vacation time is presents a great opportunity to test if one has a good social media in place, ie: blogging, Twitter, etc, you may see your business taking on a life of its own. For instance, in our Cabinet Hardware Online business, our website ranking increased.

So, perhaps on your vacation, you may casually monitor your social media sites. And when you are on vacation, enjoy!